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For a modest investment, start-up news sites have the opportunity to emerge and have their voices heard. Our students and faculty will thank us if we do. With radio and television news broadcasts piggybacking on newspaper reporting, this affects nonprint news media as well. Acknowledgements We would like to thank the following individuals and institutions for contributing reports to this project: Given the large proportion of statistical tables, maps and illustrations in the collection, the ability to limit searches to documents containing these features is extremely useful….

Some Members, as well as several non-profit groups, have posted the reports on their web sites. Unfortunately for newspapers, corporate advertisers are relying more heavily on cheaper and more dynamic online advertising space.

CRS analysts can contribute to this last stage of the legislative process by helping identify the issues to be resolved, by clarifying and comparing the positions of the two houses on each issue, and by identifying different ways in which the legislative disagreements could be resolved. The six divisions are: The Readex database though is one of the most complete, and its browse and search functionality seem superior to any that this reviewer has tried.

Likewise, local news reporting agencies, such as Voice of San Diego and MinnPost, have contributed to the mix. The successful candidate will have demonstrated relevant research and writing skills sufficient to perform the required tasks. Vanderbilt has often been treated with cynicism by historians, who are ready to believe the worst of a staggeringly rich, secretive, and combative man.

To prevent the need for constant maintenance of files, most external links have been removed. Metadata has been created for each report, including subject terms from the Legislative Indexing Vocabulary, supplemented with Library of Congress Subject Headings.

Congressional Serial Set, Digital Edition, when complete, will cover a longer period of the Serial Set publication than any other digital resource available ….

CRS did not print or distribute the reports to libraries.

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Congressional Serial Set is the single most valuable resource on U. Subcommittee or committee votes. During committee and floor consideration, CRS can assist Representatives and Senators in several different ways, in addition to providing background information to assist Members in understanding the issues a bill addresses.

Between anddaily newspapers reduced overall newsroom staff by 25 percent. I recommend the Archive of Americana to any scholar, student or layperson as the most speedy and rewarding way of conducting historical research today.

Coupling those organized agencies with numerous reporters now working on a freelance basis, and news coverage has expanded beyond that of traditional newspaper media. Whether a person needs to read documents about the Treaty of Ghent, the South Sandwich Islands or the Republic of Texas, all are readily available and easy to find.

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Educational benefits to the intern will include improvements in those skills and learning about 1 legislative aspects of policy issues, 2 government institutions involved in those issues, and 3 fundamental aspects of the legislative process and policy analysis.

Many CRS reports are updated on a regular basis, and this site includes all versions of the reports that could be located. CRS also identifies national and international experts with whom Members and staff may consult about whatever issues concern them and sponsors programs at which Members meet with experts to discuss issues of broad interest to Congress.

In order to prevent public access to the websites, CRS has erected an elaborate firewall to keep the public out. Most important, the primary database use options are prominently displayed at the top of the screen to matter where one is in the database.

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Although undesirable from an economic position, this has also restricted the newspapers' breadth of coverage, potentially leading to an under-reporting of important news. Readex designed all kinds of browsing and searching options. However, the Internet is proving to be a far more dangerous foe to the traditional newspaper model.

Congressional Research Service Reports

UNT does not make any warranty as to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the information and is not responsible for any errors or omissions or for results obtained from the use of the information.

They publish series of investigative reports on a topic typically between 10 and You can download and print text and images in full color. They were promoted by Archibald MacLeishthe Librarian of Congress, and, among other topics, addressed timely policy issues, such as American national defense.

If the subcommittee and then the full committee conclude that new legislation is needed, they report a bill to the House or Senate for all its Members to consider. This legislative branch agency works exclusively for Members of Congress, their committees and their staffs.The U.S.

Newspaper Industry in Transition Congressional Research Service 2 of intellectual property on the Internet,10 and, in the th Congress, the House has considered and passed the Free Flow of Information Act of (H.R.

) to give journalists a right to withhold. The U.S. Newspaper Industry in Transition Suzanne M. Kirchhoff Analyst in Industrial Organization and Business September 9, Congressional Research Service R The U.S.

Newspaper Industry in Transition declining and newspapers have not found a stable revenue source to replace them. As the. Advertising Revenues. According to the Congressional Research Service, advertising revenue accounts for 80 percent of newspaper income.

Unfortunately for newspapers, corporate advertisers are. The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is the public policy research arm of Congress. This legislative branch agency works exclusively for Members of Congress, their.

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She is a former Senate staffer and Deputy Director of the Congressional Research Service. Her work has been published in numerous scholarly journals, blogs, and newspapers. She currently teaches in the American politics graduate program at Georgetown University and serves as a member of the American Political Science Association (APSA) Council.

Source: Prepared by Amber Hope Wilhelm, Graphics Specialist, Congressional Research Service. The consistent defining characteristic of U.S. policy during the Bush and Obama Administrations has been an effort to weaken Syrian and Iranian influence in Lebanon.

Congressional research service newspapers
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