English language its influence on indian culture

Putting the challenges of marketing aside, I often find it humorous and valuable and informative to see how language reflects the cultures from which they spring.

While the list runs into the hundreds, below are 20 common words in English that have their etymological roots in Indian languages. The Western impact had spread into every sphere of Indian life.

In the sphere of constitution, the idea of human equality, human rights and liberty were the gifts of British influence. This was a reason why indian states were primarily split by languages.

English adopts without change or adapts with slight change any word really needed to name some new object or to denote some new process.

The numbers eleven through nineteen follow native Germanic style, as do twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, and ninety. As complicacies in Vedic religion gave way to the rise of heterodox religion and the impact of Islam had given encouragement to the Bhakti Movement in medieval times, the advent of Western civilization caused the growth of reform movement in modem times.

How India changed the English language

That nationalism, on the other hand, gave birth to Indian National Congress which carried on protracted struggle against the British Raj till it was evacuated from Indian soil.

English stands in between, with four forms: Khaki — First used as a colour inkhaki was conceived as a camouflage colour for desert warfare. The same was also extended to the sphere of art and architecture. Long before the British Raj — before the East India Company acquired its first territory in the Indian subcontinent in — South Asian words from languages such as Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam and Tamil had crept onto foreign tongues.

We must have a coffee next time you are in Walldorf is not a command, merely a suggestion.

Culture of India

Shukla, whose recent novel Meatspace explores social media and smart-phones, believes that empire reshaped the English language in the same way as technology is now. It gave way to the Eighteenth century which was a spectacle of corruption, misery and chaos leading to political helplessness.

It is derived from the name of God Vishnu — Jagannath. Raychaudhuri and several others. Food, Dress and Style: The assimilation could take place with the same pronunciation as the donor language or a distortion depending on the pronunciation limits of the recipient language.

The German and Chinese words for the noun man are exemplary. Word tone is called accentand sentence tone is referred to as intonation.

In fact, differences in languages seem to impact how people act and interpret their surroundings. Strong verbs have five forms: Zen — Yes, Zen has its etymological roots in Sanskrit.

This altogether changed the community structure and Indian way of life. Because my name is not encoded in the phrase, Spanish speakers are less likely to remember who broke this glass; only that it was broken.

Impact of British on Indian Society and Culture

For those of us who have to market in multiple languages, these differences have profound impact on how we approach our jobs.

The demand of Indian coffee and tea in European countries led to plantation and that legacy India still continues which enables her to meet a great part of her economy. This is neatly illustrated by three words — shawl, cashmere and patchouli — that travel hand-in-hand from India into 18th-Century English.

Foire du Livre de Francfort. The impact of Western literature on Indian literature was intensive.How the British influenced Indian culture. June 06, native confidence “to create a class of persons Indian in blood and colour, but English.

Throughout the history of India, Indian culture has been heavily influenced by Dharmic religions. They have been credited with shaping much of Indian philosophy, literature, architecture, art and music. Greater India was the historical extent of Indian culture beyond the Indian subcontinent.

English Language Its Influence On Indian Culture diffused rapidly through Indian society. While this cell phone boom has provided ample opportunities for the Indian businessmen to propagate development communication messages, there has also been some concern regarding the impact of cell phone, especially blackberry advertising, on traditional.

The core of English language descends from Old English, the language brought with the Angles, Saxon, and Jutish settlers to what was to be called England in and after the s.

The bulk of the language in spoken and written texts is from this source. As a statistical rule, around 70 percent of words in any text are Anglo-Saxon.

However, with the influence of English literature, novels, short-stories, essays and modem drama Indian writings developed, Shakespeare became an integral part of Indian study curriculum and his works were translated into several Indian languages. English language, Indian culture, and ‘Globalization’—all three form vital parts of our common heritage today, and we study these to define an identity for ourselves.

English language and globalization are the forces of history, outside us, that have invaded and impacted our lives to their basic fabric/5(2).

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English language its influence on indian culture
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