Importance of project management knowledge areas

Moreover, there is no relationship between knowledge area and process group. In fact, when any PMP aspirant starts his or her exam preparation, probably the first question that comes to his mind is: Medscape Physician Compensation Report: Project communication management It is absolutely mandatory for the success of the project that the project information is generated and distributed in a timely fashion and to all the stakeholders involved.

Do they also have any logical relationship? The problem is that important tasks usually get trumped by urgent tasks. This allows the transparent information to stakeholders on how the project is progressing. Process groups are logical categorizations of the project management processes in the way that the project moves from initiation to closing.

Why Project Management is Important

Getting all of the various team members pointed in the right direction and working toward the goal that has been laid out for the project manager is a challenging and Importance of project management knowledge areas task.

This is a valuable aspect of time management and a critical skill for project management that every good project manager must develop. Develop Project Charter 2. I also had the same doubt, and many questions came into my mind such as: Perform integrated change control is one of the important process or activity.

Project Management and Technical Professions. Any project has a timeline by which it is expected to be completed and a well managed project is expected to complete by the set timelines. For the PMP exam, it is important for you to know the processes in each process group, as well as their itto.

10 Reasons why Project Management matters

In a sense, people in these highly demanding industries are being paid as a reward for dedicating a great deal — more than the average in our economy — to their employers. If your organization provides funding or other support to earn a degree, then the return on effort is absolutely worth the effort.

Identify Stakeholders and Manage Stakeholder Expectations. I believe that there will be many of you having the same doubts as me, and are struggling to understand the relationship between process group and knowledge area.

This is one of the important activities because our bosses wouldn't approve if we exceed our approved budgets and it might have severe repercussions.

It means you can very quickly give estimates as to the length of time and cost of a project. Income By Level of Education: Monitoring and controlling is a continuous process which happens throughout the project life cycle until it ends. And for our teams, communication is critical.

During your subscription period, you are able to access learning materials, complete assessments, and receive academic support.

PMBOK 4 to 5 – Stakeholder Management

Did you find anything common among them? Select appropriate communication tools and methods to communicate with identified stakeholders Plan and monitor project budget and schedule.

If not, keep building on your experience, knowledge and check that you are in a high earning industry to be covered later in this article. In contrast, our world appears to be filled with overwhelming complexity. So, how good are your project management skills?

Six Sigma and the Project Management Body of Knowledge

What are the process group and knowledge area? Develop a project management plan that documents the actions necessary to define, coordinate, and measure all project activities Compare the components and interactions of the various processes of the project plan with the project management software MS Project Analyze the fundamental concepts of project management in an organizational context.

Not sure what a competency set is? But really, what is a project manager without a plan?

Process skills most important to successful project managers

Process Groups The project management process groups are a logical categorization of tasks or activities that are organized in the way that the projects are being performed. Financial services did not make it into the top five when it comes to project manager pay.

Evaluate project quality using project quality management processes and tools Identify, evaluate, and document project risks and opportunities given a specific scenario Analyze core quality processes and integrate each process in a project in planning and managing projects Define stakeholder expectations and initiate a project successfully.

Monitor and control project work: See table at end of post. Final report, Final product or service, Project document updates lessons learned register.

Project human resource management The primary purpose of project human resource management is to obtain, develop, and manage the project team that will perform the actual project work.

A good strategy that works really well in managing meeting time it to always have an agenda and stick to it. This process is to collect the performance data of the project and benchmark it with targets. The external vendor who offers the service is called the seller.Process groups are logical categorizations of the project management processes in the way that the project moves from initiation to closing.

In knowledge areas, processes are grouped as per their similarities on the subject. The PMBOK Guide is organized as per the knowledge areas to ease the process of acquiring the skills for project professionals. Overview. The Project Manager is responsible for managing the project to meet the project objectives.

A project is successful only if it meets all of it objectives completely. Project Resource Management: This knowledge area groups all the processes required to plan needed resources, acquire them for the project, develop & improve their skills and manage them for the project.

The Most Important Project Management Knowledge Area

Sincethe Stanford Advanced Project Management program has been a high-quality leadership and management professional education program for project managers around the world. Project Management Consultant Canada Dr. Pedro Serrador PMP,, MBA, PhD is awriter and speaker on project management topicsand owner of Serrador Project Management, aconsultancy in Toronto, Canada.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) The Project Management Institute (PMI) is the biggest PM profession’s global association. The PMI provides services including the development of standards, research, education, publication, networking-opportunities in local chapters, hosting conferences and training seminars, and providing accreditation in project management.

Importance of project management knowledge areas
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