Natural beauty of pakistan

We are ecologically conscious and only offer products that contribute to a better world. Moreover, if you like your Kashmir Trip to filled with all the amenities which will create your trip very comfortable.

The Chinese local call it Oogri which means Great Mountain. Due to difficulty for ascent it is also known as Savage Mountain and 2nd highest fatility Natural beauty of pakistan among the eight-thousanders.

It is famous for beautiful forests, wild life and lush green mountains despite of its natural beauty it is hidden for tourists just because non availability of hotels and accommodation.

It is made of the Jammu region, the Kashmir Valleyand Ladakh. While 4-lane Expressway will take only one hour in total. Hunza is ideal for mountaineering, hiking and trekking. The Glacier is main source of the river Indus. You are also the amongst who want to make their vacations exciting?

There are large deposits of rock salt in the Pothohar Plateau. Karimabad offer an awe-inspiring view of Rkaposhi Peak, the fairy tale like Castle of Baltit above Karimabad is landmark of Hunza. We are ecologically conscious and only offer products that contribute to a better world.

A railway line also travels to the head of the pass. Moreover, the trekking geeks can give you the full chance to explore countless lakes and to fall in love with the splendid valley of Naran Kaghan. The distance between the two spots is about 7 KM. It is the one of five river which Punjab its name.

Beautiful Nature Scenery Pakistan

The west is bordered by Afghanistan and Iran. The desert includes areas of inland drainage and dry lakes.

Montgomery British Surveyour with K stands for Karakoram and 2 stands for second peak listed in Murree has beautiful sceneries and attractive greenery atmosphere. Naran valley is 23 km far from Kaghan valley; it is small tourist village open only during the tourist season that is from May to September and rest of the time is covered with snow.

Married women encase their arms with bangles from wrist to shoulder, widow wear above the elbow only and singles only around the wrist. It is the second longest glacier in the world and longest in Karakoram, this glacier lies in the line of control between Pakistan and India.

Tourism in Pakistan

Presently no flowing water but still evident due to Lakes, wet land, topographic or vegetation patterns. There is no emergency equipment availale so don't take the risk! Over Kafir-Kalash settlers are living in valley; Kalash women wear hand spun wool dyed to black in winter and black gowns in summers.

Water The fishing industry plays a role in the national economy of Pakistan. It is the tributary of the River Chenab. Shigar River which is tributary of Indus River takes origin from this Glacier.

The Glacier is main source of the river Indus. Gas fields are expected to last for another 20 years.Pakistan is the difficult child of South Asia – blessed with abundant natural and historical riches, but plagued by political instability, which has kept the country.

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For its design, architect Arif Masood drew. Natural Beauty of KOHAT in Pakistan KOHAT This article needs extra references for check.


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Region Headquaarter/City Kohat is situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Kohat. Beauty of Pakistan is strange for the people around the world and I`m trying to show this beauty and share it with others. Northern Areas Falls have great potentials for attracting national and foreign tourists due to their easy access to towns and their most beautiful natural scenes.

Natural beauty of pakistan
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